Started in 2015, from the confines of a small apartment in Metro Manila with The Web Shop Digital Media LLC’s Founder (WSDM) Chase Bennett as the sole developer to having a 12-man team in a fully operational office space based in Angeles City,Pampanga, a Service Desk/Remote Support Crew in Metro Manila and Data Centers in 6 Major Countries in a short span of time, we have built and provided online cloud solutions to a respectable array of industries, music to real estate to retailers, all across Metro Manila and some parts of the United States, Taiwan, UK, Spain and Australia.

We specialize in not just designing websites or other business software like Online Shopping Carts, Point-Of-Sale Systems or Human Resource Systems or Accounting Systems and Hosting but making all of these FINANCIALLY VIABLE to the average entrepreneur.

8 Words sum up our Philosophy:

Fast. High Performance. Reliable. Easy To Use. Affordable.

We are not keen on just making a profit from doing what we do best, we are here to make sure the services you get from us IMPROVES your business for a lot less capital.

It worked for us, it WILL work for you.

The only question you need to answer is When?